Our company was established with the Turkish and Norwegian partnership in 2002 in Alanya, which is one of the important holiday destination centers Of Turkey. Since 2013, our company has been serving in the field of transportation with the name of Flybussen. The establishment aim of the company is to provide 24/7 transfer services with comfortable, safe and superior service philosophy and with cheerful and expert team in their field.
Our transfer services are carried out by specially designed, modern and the latest technology equipped vehicles and by expert drivers who had special trainings in driving. In accordance with our customer satisfaction oriented work with local and foreign guests, we carry out companies all airport, congress incentive and tourism agency transfer services of companies.
We get our strength from expertise in transfer and transportation. Our in-service trainings within the company are given by leading academicians and expert educators. All our drivers begin to provide service after having the traffic rules and safe driving training, advanced driving techniques, professional driving techniques training, safe and defensive bus driving techniques, work safety and first aid training. Professional and personal development training and foreign language training are given to our staff in order to provide constant high level service for the customers. All kinds of transfer requests are taken by our Transfer and Operation services Department via our web page ( or phone.
Our company continues diversifying its services every passing year and increasing its areas of activity within the country and abroad. Our company, providing 24/7 service with cheerful and professional team in the terms of safe and comfortable transfer services, offers exclusive and private service.


The purpose of our country is to provide transfer service safely and comfortably within the country and abroad besides being sensitive to environment in principle.
Our vision is to become a company that has high standing reputation in the society and to be well-known and first to come to mind with its safe, qualified and innovative services both at home and abroad.



  • Our most important wealth is the confidence of our customers in us
  • Our employees are the most important wealth of our company
  • Safe, confident and comfortable transfer services is our main point in transportation
  • Everyone is entitled to a safe and comfortable transportation

  • To be innovative and industry-leading
  • Prestige and power based on expertise
  • Transparent and Participatory Management Approach
  • A Meritocratic Management Philosophy
  • Environmentally Responsible, A Sustainable Development And Growth Approach
  • Social Responsibility
  • Broad Tolerance For Diversities
  • Inflexibility to Profession Principles
  • Teamwork


  • Airport Transfer Services: Individual or group transfer services from the airport to where they want and from where they want to the airport are carried out on time in a safe and comfortable way with specially designed, modern and the latest technology equipped vehicles with expert drivers who have special training in driving
  • Tourism agency services: In accordance with ‘safety comes first’ principle, all kinds of transfer services of tourism agencies are provided with our modern and the latest technology equipped vehicles in a safe and comfortable way by expert drivers
  • Congress Incentive transfer services: All kinds of hotel-airport transfer services for scientific meetings such as national, international congress, symposium, workshop or dealer meetings are carried out in accordance with our customer satisfaction oriented working system

Safety and security is our priority

Safety and security is our priority

  • Our vehicles are specially designed 2014 model Mercedes cdi
  • 3- Point seat belts are located in all of our seats
  • In case of emergency brake, there is a special baggage with special material between your luggage and seats, which will help your luggage stay in its place during an emergency break
  • Seats are available for all age groups of children
  • To ensure that our vehicles are driven within the legal speed limits, they are continuously monitored by GPS system
  • Passengers who travel in our vehicles have personal accident insurance and seat insurance

Comfortable Travel

  • More distance has been left between seats by decreasing the number of seats in our Flybussen vehicles
  • Our seats are adjustable to backwards and sides so that passengers have a rest during the journey
  • There is free 3G internet in our vehicles in order to make passengers’ journey more enjoyable
  • There are power sockets in the vehicle for our passengers to charge their mobile phones. Extra Charger is given to passengers who do not have their own charger
  • Passengers are informed visually and auditory in three languages from the beginning of journey
  • Free complimentary drink service is offered during the journey

If you are not satisfied, you are paid back
  • Guest satisfaction has a great importance for a sustainable management of our company. Therefore, passengers’ expectation and satisfaction is very important for us to offer qualified and excellent service. In this regard, the satisfaction levels of our guests travelling with us is closely monitored and the unsatisfied customers are paid back
  • The satisfaction rate of our guests who travel with us is 100 per cent.100% of our guests who travel with us recommend and prefer us again


Professional and personal trainings are given regularly for our vehicle drivers to offer safe, confident and comfortable transfer services. In this scope, our drivers’ trainings are listed below

  • Safe Driving Trainings
  • Advanced Driving Techniques Trainings
  • Professional Driving Techniques Trainings
  • Safe and defensive bus driving techniques Trainings
  • Occupational Health and Safety Trainings
  • First Aid trainings
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Effective Communication


Transfer prices with 2015

  • Every flights to/from Gazipasa: Minimum 40 Euro one way.
    ( If you are 1-3 pax. Over 3 pax: 12 Euro pr.pax)

  • Every flights to/from Antalya: Minimum 60 Euro one way.
    (If you are 1-3 pax. Over 3 pax: 18 Euro each pax)

Main Office
Flybussen Ltd Sti
Oba Mahallesi, Çevreyolu caddesi No: 45/2, 07400 Alanya
24/7 Customer Service
P: +90 530 824 75 98
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